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There are hundreds of technology-driven innovations emerging every day that turns into full-fledged trends. It is no longer enough just to build a website and make it appear suitable. You should know your competitors are doing much more than that. You must keep a spotlight on the promising new trends and embrace it on time to stay on top of the game.

Here’s a coherent roadmap for you that is sure to make you stay ahead of the competition.  Let us be your tech savior for the coming year.


Have you come across websites that chrome prompts you to add to your home screen? If yes, then you have come across Progressive web apps or PWAs. PWAs are a type of website that resembles a mobile app in functionality. It is like any other native mobile application, with the look and feel of it. These websites adapt to the user’s device, its screen size, and browsers.

Progressive websites are among the top web applications now as they have better performance. They have better speed and the best part; these websites are available offline. Isn’t that brilliant? Google too seems to prefer sites that meet PWAs criteria.

Hence, most of the global companies like FlipkartInstagram, and Starbucks are investing in PWAs.  Flipkart reportedly earned a 70% increase in revenue by adopting this method.

A website helps in reaching generally inaccessible clients with nonstop availability. Being the best Website development company in Guwahati we help in development & Design of your business website. It is also customer convenient and helps in not missing out an opportunity for expanded sales. With good virtual experience and relevant content, a website is a necessary part of your business promotion and strategy. It is an additional platform to showcase the brand identity and its services.

With the space edge technology, we develop and design websites which are user-friendly and SEO friendly, thus reducing the distance between the client and the customer. Our experts produce the best solutions with creative elements, trending tools, robust UI/UX and the most advanced programming. We make sure our Website development company in Guwahati magnify and help your business presence make an impact on the online market.



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Framework / Tools

Laravel, jQuery, Express, Rails, React,

Django, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails

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SEO Friendly

SEO friendly to top the list

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Php, JavasScript, Python,

Ruby, SQL, CSS

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Other Platform

Node JS

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Database Platform



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Responsive Design

Well-disposed and mobile-friendly interface


We create your website that expresses something about who you are