Your Roadmap to Web Development in 2019

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Your Roadmap to Web Development in 2019

In 2019, you need to do a lot of soul-searching to stay relevant in the world of web development. There are hundreds of technology-driven innovations emerging every day that turns into full-fledged trends. It is no longer enough just to build a website and make it appear suitable. You should know your competitors are doing much more than that. You must keep a spotlight on the promising new trends and embrace it on time to stay on top of the game.

Here’s a coherent roadmap for you that is sure to make you stay ahead of the competition.  Let us be your tech savior for the coming year.

Progressive Web development is ready to Reign

Have you come across websites that chrome prompts you to add to your home screen? If yes, then you have come across Progressive web apps or PWAs. PWAs are a type of website that resembles a mobile app in functionality. It is like any other native mobile application, with the look and feel of it. These websites adapt to the user’s device, its screen size, and browsers.

Progressive websites are among the top web applications now as they have better performance. They have better speed and the best part; these websites are available offline. Isn’t that brilliant? Google too seems to prefer sites that meet PWAs criteria.

Hence, most of the global companies like Flipkart, Instagram, and Starbucks are investing in PWAs.  Flipkart reportedly earned a 70% increase in revenue by adopting this method.


Single Page Applications will be in Focus

To put it, a Single Page Application or SPA is a website that fits on a single page. It means the browser uses only one URL without reloading new pages from the server. Web development companies now focus on creating a better experience for their users. The removal of jarring page change will create a more fluid user experience. It also reduces page load time as the new content loads without shifting to a new page. When you click on a link, the interface and the navigation does not change in a SPA. JavaScript is the base language of a SPA. Successful examples of SPAs are Gmail, Facebook, and GitHub.

RAIL Concept is Thriving

The RAIL performance model has four distinct aspects – Response, Animation, Idle, and Load. This concept sets performance goals to follow in web development companies that prioritizes better user experience. It tends to the following user-centric purposes:

  1. Quicker response to user inputs (less than 50 ms)
  2. Produce an animation framework in 10 ms or less
  3. Maximize idle time to increase page responsiveness
  4. Faster page load in less than 5 seconds

ChatBots on the Rise

ChatBots are now a sensational new trend to look out for in 2019. The influence of messaging platforms is growing, and web development companies have found a way to design a conversational UI. ChatBots can answer the customer’s questions and also solve problems more efficiently than humans. ChatBots can also perform functions on customer’s request. The best example is Amazon Echo that can follow commands and carry out tasks to buy online.

Serverless Application is in Vogue

The serverless applications are gaining momentum as they can perform faster and deploy functions at ease. These applications indeed run without servers, but the cloud servers handle all its operational activities. This serverless architecture has become a blessing for web developers. There’s a shift to cloud servers as they are helping the web development companies with cost reduction and higher scalability. The most popular cloud vendors are AWS, Google Cloud Functions, and Azure Functions etc.

These are few of the arresting trends we have jotted down here. If you’ve got a tip for some more trends, comment your suggestions below and help spread the word.


Image source Flipkart, Instagram & Starbucks

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