UI and UX Design – Things you need to know about it.

UI and UX design

UI and UX Design – Things you need to know about it.

Ever wondered why we like to stick to some applications or website? Though we have a thousand other applications or website serving the same purpose, still we remain loyal to just one. This is because of the best UI and UX design.

UI and UX design are the essential part of the development of an application or a website. User Interface & User Experience based on these two factors, coders develop the whole app.

UI and UX design are not the same, although they are very much related to each other. The production house may have two different designers or sometimes just one designer to work on the user interface and then experience of the product.

User Interface

User interface consists of all the interactives of an application or a website. This generally consists of virtual keyboards, display screens, etc.

A UI designer designs all that we see or use on a website or an application.

User Experience

A user experience is the overall experience of receiving information or service provided by the application or website. The UX designer structures all the information that a site or an app display.


In general, a UI designer works on the aesthetics of the product, while a UX designer works on the use of the product. UI and UX design are fundamental.

For example, a website with an excellent interface helps the visitor to get all the information or required service quickly, which results in good user experience. The longer a user stays on your website or app, the more chances are there of achieving your ROI goals and achieving your targets no matter your applications downloads or website visitors.

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