Complex or Minimalistic? The Most Effective Website Design

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Complex or Minimalistic? The Most Effective Website Design

It’s quite a daunting task to make choices for your website design. You have to juggle with a series of opinions to design mojo going. Whether you’re a website design company or an entrepreneur looking for some online business, it’s crucial to pick the right sight design. Because the website design is what makes or breaks the success of your site. Do you wonder why? It takes only 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your website. Yes, only 50 milliseconds to leave an impression on the prospect customer or investor. A good website defines the credibility of a business. But how to determine what it means by a “good website”? Does it mean using a bold design template or a simple one? You’ll almost certainly get stuck in a quagmire of confusion to decide between simplicity and overkill. 

Good website design is a combination of bold aesthetics and a clean seamless interface.

If you’re not investing in bold aesthetics, then you’re likely missing out on growing your audience. According to Adobe, 38% of people will bounce back if they don’t find a design appealing. However, bold designs do not mean adding too many elements. You don’t want to make it look too complicated. In 2019, bold design is all about having a minimal appeal. It means maximum creativity using minimum elements.

Above all, the design template and elements must align with the purpose of the website. So, a website design company should dig deep to identify a brands personality. Once you know what the brand stands for, you can create designs and make an impressive statement. However, adding an appealing aesthetic can help you rise above the clutter.

How to add appeal to your website design?

This is the age of “less is more” where we appreciate less information to get an idea. Hence the trend of simple, minimal designs is on a surge in 2019. Minimalism been around for 60 years now and is still relevant today. People will pay closer attention to your website. Creating a minimalist design is not just about subtracting all embellishments. It is about creating a clean visual layout where every element serves a purpose. Include impact images with an emphasis on symmetry and open space. The use of bold colors with a sharp contrast that gives a pop and pique are another currently on demand.

Another inevitable part of your design is typography. Typography is what separates an amateur designer from a professional one. Adding a bold typeface serves more of a purpose than just a visual one. It can be a way of expressing the personality of products while forming a part of the “Voice and Tone” of communication. In 2019, 3d and illustrated text is dominating the market. Plus, the use of half cropped or manipulated fonts is getting widely popular.

 Don’t fall into the trap of Complex Website Design

Complex designs might logically seem more sophisticated. But it only makes viewers confused when they see too many details gathered in one space. For instance, imagine walking into a cluttered room filled with lots of stuff. It will visually exhaust you to look around when every corner has a bunch of things. Everything will lose importance, and nothing will stand out. It’s the same case with intricate designs full of grandiose. A simple, uncluttered design is the key ingredient of a good website. You will find that decluttering your website improves usability and site aesthetics. It will also add to the persuasive power of your brand.

It is one of the leading design trends to present the user with information in an organized, clean manner. You don’t want to risk overwhelming your visitors; it’ll scare them off. Having a minimal approach in website design will also reduce distractions. The use of an attractive color scheme, proper usage of white space, strong typography, readability and a good information hierarchy are just some of the elements to consider. And do not forget to be consistent across all web pages; otherwise, it ends up killing the primary purpose.

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