Assam in tears! Floods in Assam

floods in assam

Assam in tears! Floods in Assam

Assam drowns yet again! Floods in Assam

While parts of the country remain thirsty and pray for rain, parts of the country are flooded with rainwater!

The heavy rainfall in the past few days in Assam brought floods in Assam and has caused a massive flood, affecting more than 43lakh people. 30 out its 33 districts are currently submerged in floodwater, more than 83,000 people are living in relief camps and the death toll has risen to 15.

The floods in Assam has submerged about 90% of the Kaziranga National Park. Kaziranga homes, the endangered One Horned Rhinoceros with many other species of animals and birds. Animals are forced to flee towards higher grounds. This also has led to confusion because of the potholes on the roads and ongoing traffic.

Assam is blessed with The Mighty Brahmaputra and its tributaries. But the recent heavy rainfall has led to a sudden rise of water to dangerous levels. The capital city Guwahati, situated on the bank of the river is on high alert too.

Floods in Assam has been troubling from the past. Each year lakhs of people get displaced, standing crops are destroyed, animals and people lose lives. Heavy rainfall, deforestation near the river banks, blockage in drainage systems, whatever the reason might be, it is a serious matter. Both the people and the government need to join hands and find a solution for this major problem.

Some tips to stay safe during a flood
  • Get out of the water and try to get to higher grounds as soon as possible.
  • Stay out of water bodies and do not try to swim in floodwater.
  • Stay off bridges and broken roads.
  • Do not touch and keep away from broken cables or electric poles.
  • Do not drive until its an emergency.
  • Evacuate your house or buildings immediately if you feel it’s in danger.
  • Drink and eat only clean water and food as it may be contaminated.
  • Always be alert and keep a check on your surroundings.
  • Do not be a stupid hero! If someone is need of help, proceed with extra care.

In this time of unfortunate event, we need to stay strong, keep calm and stay alert.


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