Content is like Currency to Digital Marketing

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Content is like Currency to Digital Marketing

In 2019, Digital Marketing is not only about spending money on targeted ads. It’s not only about focusing on a tactical strategy to show products on the sidebars of articles. But it is much more than that. Every component in your online marketing strategy is essential to reap the rewards. Yet, there are a few elements that are more crucial than others. Emphasizing on a content strategy with the potential to go viral is one of them.

If you’ve been reading about digital marketing, you may have come across the line ‘Content is King’. Content works like an “identity badge” for a business. It crafts a brand image and helps a business to stand out from the crowd. Creating killer content can sure grab the customer’s eyeballs. But that is not enough in today’s saturated market; you need to keep your audiences hooked. A content strategy that appeals to our innate sense of curiosity is the key. There is infect a well-known theory to address it called ‘the curiosity gap’ in marketing.

What is Curiosity Gap in Digital Marketing?

Curiosity gap is nothing but the formula newspapers and magazines have been using to hit us. It’s a way to tantalize your audience and trick them into clicking on a link. Arguably, the most popular way to do this is through an irresistible headline. The intention is to make the audience click through the headline link to the main web page. Many identify the curiosity gap with click bait. But, click bait is often decisive and fails to deliver what the headline promised. To leverage a curiosity gap means to create compelling content to draw an audience. The headline or link shouldn’t be using any cheap tricks to get more click-through.

Content that goes viral gets a lot of shares on social media. Companies like Buzz feed and Up worthy are perfect examples here. Buzz feed is the most shared site on Facebook, with 130 million users a month. With interactive content, it has increased its unique visitor count. Buzz feed’s quizzes, videos on DIY hacks, celeb news have triggered social sharing. This type of content is contagious as they pull the levers of your brain. A widely shared content is the perfect way to engage audiences. It brings in more traffic and generates ad revenues- the main goal of Digital marketing.


Over the years, marketing in Guwahati is inclining towards the digital revolution. The online marketing channels have gained traction with no signs of slowing down or stopping. But many companies are reluctant to invest in a proper content strategy. Marketing teams should dish out tactical methods, which bring no substantial value to the brand. Businesses should combine strategy and creativity to achieve meteoric growth.

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