How to choose an SEO friendly Domain name?

SEO friendly Domain name

How to choose an SEO friendly Domain name?

What makes for a great SEO friendly domain name?

Most people conveniently overlook the decision to choose the right domain name when starting a website. In a digital world, a domain name is fundamentally important as it is where your brand lives and conducts its business. It is more than just an arbitrary URL for your consumers to find you. A domain name adds credibility to your business. But most importantly, a domain name has far-reaching effects on the SEO game and search engine rankings of your site. Hence, there are solid reasons to invest in a quality domain name and more so in an SEO friendly domain name. But the question is,

If you are thinking to start brainstorming domain name ideas, Check this quick rundown of 8 useful tips for selecting an SEO friendly domain name. 

  1. Use the Brand name in your domain

Don’t hesitate to use your brand name as your domain. Even Google advice to use branding in domain names as it helps them to distinguish between high quality and low-quality websites. Adding your brand name to your website URL can help you stand out in the overcrowded world of cyberspace. Also, make your online presence more memorable.

  1. Say NO to Exact Match Domains (EMDs)

An “Exact Match Domain” precisely matches a keyword/ search query, without the use of hyphens.



So, what’s wrong with EMDs? It would be a no brainer to buy an EMD if it was 2012. It was incredibly valuable back then as they drove tons of traffic. But with the change of Google’s algorithm over the years, EMD’s are now deemed spammy. Google aimed to reduce the amount of low-quality domains in search results.

Let’s see an example by typing “watch movies online” , you’ll see sites like or instead of suggestions like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO in the top positions. So, if a potential customer is less likely to trust you if he/ she sees your EMD domain in the search results.

  1. Steer clear of hyphenated keywords 

You will commit the ultimate SEO crime if you use multiple keywords separated by hyphens. For instance, like we already said, EMD’s are spammy and lowers credibility. However, it’s okay if your domain name has one or two broad keywords. A good example is a word digital in, a digital marketing provider.

  1. Pick .COM as your domain suffix

A domain suffix, also called a TLD i.e., Top Level Domain is the part that follows immediately after the dot symbol. Choosing a domain extension is as important as a domain name. When picking a TLD, always go for the .com as they are the industry standards for domain extensions. Google, too, is biased towards a .COM domain as it is more widely recognized and trusted. It also ranks easily and quickly because users are more familiar with .COM than any other TLD.

  1. Choose an easy to pronounce domain name

You might wonder how pronounceability matters in a domain name as users aren’t likely to be saying your domain name out loud. But it still impacts because of something called the processing fluency, the ease to process information. You should already know that people tend to remember words that are easy to pronounce, right? Names that don’t require thinking too hard are usually the easiest to remember, and also inspire positive associations. If people routinely misspell your domain name, the potential traffic is lost. It’s a simple lesson; it makes it easy for people to find you.

  1. Keep it short, but not too short

The ideal length of an SEO friendly domain name is 15 characters or less. It is always better with the shorter URL’s as it is more simple and memorable. For a fact, the top 100,000 websites have, on average, 9 characters or less in their domains. But, going too short can have the opposite effect. Compare “” to “” The latter is harder to pronounce and remember, despite having a few characters. Many even use an acronym for their domain, but it is only sensible when your brand is widely referred to by the initials.

  1. Avoid Numbers in your Domain Name

Numbers like hyphens are associated with spammy websites like 123movies If you add numbers to the domain, it will confuse people as to whether to spell the number or use the numeral. For instance, Or your domain is better off with one word or set of words. Numbers make it hard to communicate verbally, no matter how tempting.

  1. Go for an intuitive domain name

Choose a domain that resonates with your business. For instance, A potential customer can make a good guess as to what to expect at the site. Your domain name should have the same effect. Not to mention, intuitive domains come with a bonus of being highly memorable. Follow these 8 best practices before choosing an SEO friendly domain name, and you’ll set your new business up for online marketing success. You can always take the help of a good domain checker to search the domain name database and find a desired one.


Do you have any other suggestions to follow when buying a domain? Comment below about them and spread the word.

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