9 reasons why you need to build a website 2019

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9 reasons why you need to build a website 2019

Websites are a common thing nowadays. Every now and then we come across one. We all know what a website is. But to know why you need a website more than ever, sit tight and keep reading.

Websites or sites are not just important, but a need for us. All the hustle and bustle happening in the online world makes us very much depended on websites. With so many web development companies in Guwahati, which build a website as various organizations are doing their things in style.

Websites existed to store and give back information in the good old days. But now, websites exist to give you information and sell clothes, pizza, toothbrush, mobile phones and billions of other things.

The world wide web is filled with tons of websites. With so many tools and platforms, website developers and designers create different types of websites which serve different purposes. E-commerce, blogging, social media, video streaming, etc. are some of the types of websites. Every day billions of people visit these websites to buy and sell products, look for information about different things, watch a web series, etc.

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 So, what factors are so important to build a website?

There are many factors which make a website so important. For instance, it helps a business sell its products without having to knock at doors. If you build a website, you don’t have to worry about reaching out to people. They will come to you. This way you develop a healthy relationship between you and your customer, audience, etc.

If we come across something new, we always google it up to know more about it. Without Google, we probably would have to use the alternatives like going to a public library or someone who knows more about it. Information sharing is undoubtedly the best service website offers along with other services. Bloggers and writers have posted millions of articles, blogs, e-books which help us lot in learning about new things.

  • It’s awesome and a must.

Websites are the new black. If you have a business but not a business website; people may judge for not having it. Everything is smart in today’s world. Smart classes, smartphones, smartwatches and also smart customers. Before going to a store, they sure do look up on google about the store and decide to step in or step out.

  • Makes your brand voice louder.

A good website with the right content and graphics on it makes your brand voice louder. You don’t have to stand and explain your slogan or core values to your customers for an hour. Your website conveys the messages for you.

  • Online Sales representative.

A physical store has an opening and closing time whereas an online store doesn’t. Customers can access the information you provide on your website at any time convenient to them. They can look at the products and services you offer and buy whatever suits them the most.

  • Marketing.

Traditional marketing is nice, but what about targeted digital marketing? Your website is also your marketing representative. Sprinkle keywords on your nicely done web content and voila, your website is on the first page of google search results. When your business website is on the first page, you have a better chance of selling your products.

  • Education.

Websites have always been educating us from the very beginning of its existence. Blogs, articles, papers, essays and all the other types of written documents on various topics can be found on the internet. These help everyone because of its quick accessibility. This way websites have been us a lot.

  • Communication.

We are social beings. We use social media sites every day like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These social media sites help us connect with our friends and family in the online platforms. We can exchange texts, pictures, and other documents too.

Social media sites also help a lot in digital marketing because of its huge number of users.

  • Conversion ratio.

Websites have higher chances of converting your first-time visitor to a regular customer. Customers trust on credentials which are displayed in front of them. And a website does it perfectly. With the vivid graphics and content, customers find it easier to believe in the quality you promise to deliver.

  • Go international.

Traveling overseas or even within the country border may not be possible at times. But with a website, you can cross international borders and reach out to international customers. In other words, customers can reach you.

  • Cost efficient.

Websites don’t cost you a fortune. Getting a custom-made website for your business is easy as well. You can go to different web development companies in guwahati and get the best website that compliments your budget. These websites are customized according to your requirements with aesthetically pleasing graphics and animation.


Websites are indeed a must for all businesses. It is one of the best mediums to reach a large group of audience within a short period of time. It completes the list of tools you need.

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