Digital Marketing in Guwahati: 5 Saucy Secrets from the Gurus

Digital Marketing in Guwahati

Digital Marketing in Guwahati: 5 Saucy Secrets from the Gurus

Have you ever thought what successful digital marketing companies share in common that hits the spot? It’s no surprise that this question to have crossed your mind if you’re striving to make some noise in the digital marketing in Guwahati sphere. The online market is constantly evolving. Plus there’s an unspoken rule to complain about the rising competition. Infact, most of the articles you seek inspiration will vouch for the same, but the truth? There is not much competition.


Sure there are tons of people aspiring to make a living out of this platform. But 90 percent of them just want to jump into this bandwagon. Their plan revolves around how to successfully leverage the digital platform to get customers through the door. These aren’t your competition. This is what draws the line between them and the successful companies. The people who ace the digital marketing industry don’t just focus on running a few Facebook Ads to gain customers. Consider any big name in the industry, for instance, Vice Media and Buzzfeed. These people are doing things different from the majority that fuels their massive growth.

This begs the question:

What are some brilliant lessons to learn from these marketing giants?

But before we dive neck deep into scouring their strategies, let’s discuss how digital marketing in Guwahati can benefit small towns.

The future of Digital Marketing in Guwahati 

The growing platform of online marketing is not a secret anymore. Every business is pulling its levers to increase their brand awareness. Especially for businesses in small towns who are getting started. Small cities like Guwahati have become the hub for digital startups. And with Government of India investing in the “Digital India” schemes, these startups are gaining traction. Not just startups, well-established businesses are also embracing digital transformation. It has become their only mantra to succeed.

What is the Digital India Project?

The Digital India project aims a complete makeover of the Indian economy into a digitalized one. It circles around three basic concepts. They are,

  • Digital infrastructure
  • E-governance
  • Digital literacy

With the launch of this project, every state now has access to high-speed internet connectivity. All the government services are slowly getting digitized. And how do you think the GoI is promoting these schemes? Yes, through the use of digital and Facebook Campaigns. This ecosystem is also getting substantial support from Investors, Indian and Foreign.

In the first quarter of 2019, the Indian tech startup ecosystem recorded total funding of $3.42 B across 174 deals. Therefore, it’s a lucrative market for digital marketing companies in Guwahati. It is not just a buzzword thrown around at networking events anymore. But the air is thin up here, not for successful and wealthy marketers, but for people who are just stepping here. You need to follow a stellar strategy to stay afloat.

So what are these methods that can make you the next business maven like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg?

Secrets of Digital Marketing right from the horse’s mouth

  1. “Advertising is meaningless without a core idea.”

Unless a campaign has a compelling message, it has no hope of success. A persuasive message or a core idea should be convincing, engaging, and most importantly, something new. From the huge volume of information battling for attention, consumers tend to filter out the optimal message. Find out customer insights and their unmet desires. It should be something customers have yet to imagine for themselves.

– Dentsu, Japan, annual revenue $9.2B

  1. “The headline is the ‘ticket on the meat.” 

Headline sell, plain and simple. It is the gist of all the news. When it comes to blogs and email marketing, headlines are the magnets that entice people to the full content. A catchy headline will influence decision-making points of the user. The successful marketing people spend half of their time writing good headlines.

– David Ogilvy, Ogilvy & Mathers, annual revenue $4.9B

  1. “90 percent of consumers expect consistent interactions across all channels.”

In today’s world, consumers want a seamless experience across all channels. In this hyper-connected world, everyone wants things at their doorstep at the click of the button. Omnichannel marketing gives customers an integrated approach to purchasing. Whether it’s a mobile or desktop or a brick-and-mortar store, the customer looks for the same experience.

– Accenture Digital, annual revenue $43.3B

  1. “Create content that teaches. You can’t give up. You need to be consistently awesome.”

A ticket to success is to bring consistency in content marketing. It can help to educate your customers and connect with your audience. This, in return, improves conversions. You can fuel your content with proper SEO, helping you to attract more leads through search engines.

Neil Patel, top influencer on the web, net worth $30M

  1. Content is king, but distribution is queen and she wears the pants.

With almost 4.5 million blog posts published every day, it’s not enough to create a great piece of content. If your audience doesn’t know it exists, it all goes to waste. Adopt a strategy on how to spread the content using the three different channels- owned, earned, and paid.

Owned: when you use your blogs, social media channels, etc.

Earned: promoting through third parties like a journalist, influencers, etc.

Paid: refers to when your company pays to distribute the content like PPC, paid social ads.

– Jonathan Perelman, Buzzfeed, annual revenue $300M


If you know of any other killer secrets spilled by marketing gurus, comment and help spread the word.

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