Animation is as Cool as Tom & Jerry

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Animation is as Cool as Tom & Jerry

With the best animation and graphic design companies in the world, we have seen some quite marvelous works in the industry lately.

Animation means Tom and Jerry for most of us because they are our childhood heroes. They always chased each other because Jerry would go against the laws of physics and devour a cake 10 times larger than him. Shows like Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny not only entertained us but became a part of our childhood memories. We still love these guys a lot.

But, how did drawings come to life on TV? How were these created?

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Animation basically is playing captured sequential images or drawings to imitate real life motion.

Nowadays animation is used in almost everything. With so many good and cheap graphic design companies, every day we see animation works in different formats. Like music video, GIF, movies, video games, smartphone apps, etc.

Some of the important industries where animation has dominated:


Entertainment is something many of us need at the end of the day to relax. It might be a nice song, a movie, a book or anything, we rely on these things for entertainment. Animation has shaped the entertainment industry in many ways. TecMeadows is an animation and graphics design company encouraging for Animation & best Graphic design Companies in Guwahati.


The most common use of animation can be seen in games, as the gaming industry completely relies on it. From the classic two-bit games like Tetris to the legendary Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), every game needs an animation. Be it a smartphone game or a video game, without animation, it is impossible to develop games.


Marketing is a crucial part of a company to sell products. In this electronic age, marketing has adapted digitization too. Many digital marketing teams propose using animation videos for the promotion of products or the brand itself. A good animation video keeps the customer engaged and ultimately motivate the customer to buy a product. Using animation and graphics digital marketing helps to reach out to maximum audiences. TecMeadows being one of the best Graphic design Companies in Guwahati, we offer the best graphic and animation works.


We remember pictures or graphical presentations more than textual information. It is a fact. Animation has its own place here too. Many schools and colleges have introduced animation in their programs to help their students learn more through the best possible ways


Yes, the medical industry uses animation too. In the 3D representation of objects, animation plays a vital role. Also, to educate people and medical students about various health-related topics to understand in a better way. X-ray and MRI use animation to help doctors find out the damage sustained by the body parts and heal them quickly.


Animation has helped Science to achieve a lot. It helps scientists to create 3D models to study further about a respective topic. From the rocket development team to military operations, animation is required. It helps in training new members through stimulation programs to understand and learn to operate heavy machines.


A lot of websites and mobile phone applications use animation. We do not want to stare at a blank screen while the website or application loads. Therefore, just to keep us engaged animation is used. Also, animations inside the website or application provide a better user experience.

Animation has not only entertained us but helped us in many ways. It still makes our lives better and our tasks simpler in a lot of ways. It is used in many other industries besides the mentioned.

Do need your own animation video? A logo? A documentary on your business?

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