6 Android Applications travelers should have

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6 Android Applications travelers should have

Who doesn’t love traveling? Exploring places, meeting new people, trying out new dishes, etc. are all the sweetest treats you can gift yourself. With so many unexplored destinations, we all have our own lists of ‘need to visit places’.

Traveling is also easy nowadays. Thanks to the top android app development companies for crafting wonders of the smartphone world.

These apps award you the power to read reviews, book tickets, book hotels and do many more with a tap.

Carrying a laptop can be a burden when traveling alone whereas carrying your phone never is. It probably is the most convenient tour guide you can rely on if its battery has a 100% charge.

Coming to the point, here is the list of 6 Android Applications, travelers should have.

            1. Momondo

              How about a meta-search engine app that brings you the best deals when it comes to flight and hotel bookings? It compares flight and hotel prices from all over the world and pulls out the best deals for you. Through the App, you can also book hotels and fight tickets or even save for later. With all the user reviews, ratings and a lot of filters, the booking becomes easy. This helps in you can choose which airlines or hotel suits you best.

            2. App in The Air

              Now, this is another cool android applications that works as your personal airport assistant. It helps you to keep a track of your flight’s status, check-ins, offers airport tips, etc.

              It even works offline to notify you about any changes in gate or flight time through text messages. Not only these, but it also helps you track other flights too.

            3. Uber

              If you have Uber, you have a hassle-free ride from your airport to your hotel or any part of the city. They have their registered drivers in over 600 cities across the globe. First, you need to download the app, then create an account, link your card and book a taxi. Once you book a taxi, Uber connects you to the driver. It’s simple and easy. Thus, it is in our ‘should have app’ list.

            4. Google Maps

              Google isn’t just a search engine or an Android applications development company or IT solutions provider. It is much more that. Google has amazing apps and Google Maps is one of their best products. With a user-friendly interface, it helps you in reaching your destination through the best possible routes. You can download maps, go offline and still use them to navigate.

            5. Google Translator

              The translator application is a must. We understand its importance most when somehow, we end up in a small town where they only speak native. So, Google Translator is our rescuer here. By typing, it translates to more than 103 languages and 59 languages if you can’t access to the internet. It also translates drawn characters to 93 languages.

            6. WhatsApp
              WhatsApp is one of the most used messenger apps in the store. With more than 1.5 billion downloads, it used pretty much used by the entire world for communication. It can be very helpful to maintain communication with family or friends if you are in a foreign country. You can share text messages, voice call, video call, share files, etc.All you need is a smartphone, network connection and their contact numbers.There are many Android applications for your smartphone. But this list comprises only the hand-picked essentials. With these apps, backpacking has become a lot easier. Travelers can now go anywhere at any time with the help of these apps.

              *Since you have the list, now where do you plan to go and is there any plan to built your own mobile application?

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